Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing to train at Bella Marie Training Academy; we pride ourselves in providing you with a first-class training experience.

Please read the following terms and conditions before booking your training course.

  1. All courses are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  2. Full course payment must be received in advance of your course.  Failure to do so may result in your place no longer being reserved.  This payment is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  3. If your course is over a number of days and you are unable to make one of your training days, you must make alternative arrangements in order to complete the course and receive your qualification. PLEASE NOTE; you will be required to pay an additional fee should you require our tutor to do a catch-up session with you. Tutors are self-employed and paid by on an hourly basis so bare this in mind that you will need to cover the cost of their teaching hours.
  4. Identification must be provided to issue you a certificate upon completion of your training course.
  5. Models and patch tests are your responsibility. Patch tests for you (the student) and/or the model may be required prior to course; where applicable to individual courses.  If you do not attend for a patch you must sign a disclaimer to identify you have refused a patch test.
  6. Following course completion, insurance is the responsibility of the student; the Academy can provide you with information where to access insurance. Please check your insurance before attending a course. You do not need insurance on the day of the course, you are covered under our policy.
  7. If your course requires a model then you must bring your own, or let the Academy know at least 48 hours prior to attending your course.  If your model does not attend, then we cannot be held responsible if you are unable to carry out your practical assessment.  The Academy can support with finding you a model for a £10 model fee.
  8. If your model attends and she is not fit for the treatment, this is not the responsibility of the Academy. If your model is pregnant she must consult with the midwife before having the treatment. If your model wears contact lenses they will need to be removed during any lash treatments.
  9. If your course requires you to work on each other, and you are unable to have the treatment carried out, you must inform the academy 48 hours prior to your course.
  10. Please wear black clothing and appropriate footwear at all times at the Academy.
  11. Have fun
Bella Marie Training Academy have a highly skilled team of tutors on hand to support you, you'll get immediate access to their experience, skills and industry knowledge once you enrol on any of our courses.
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