E-File Course

Product Description

Course overview

An electric nail file can be used for manicuring, pedicuring, removing calluses, and used in the process of removal of nail extensions.

Filing and prepping of the client’s nails whether it is for nail enhancements or for a gel polish application can take some time if the cuticles or clients nails have not been maintained. E-files are also good for removing debris and bulk from the free edge when working on enhancements.

You will cover the following on the course:

  • Health and safety and hygiene
  • Practical assessment of and E-File service
  • Consultation techniques
  • Contraindications
  • Removal procedure
  • Aftercare advice
  • Public liability insurance

Course prerequisite

Level 2 beauty therapy OR a nail extensions qualification is required prior to attending this course.  We provide manicure training at the Academy, contact us for prices and further details.

You will be provided with pre course reading which will cover basic anatomy and physiology, and health and safety. This will be recapped in your session.

Course cost

E-File course costs £85 PLUS VAT (no kit included). Everything you need for the course to do your practical assessment is provided on the day.



What is E-Filing?
E-file is an advanced electric tool that will save time and do the work for you, providing a more precise and efficient service. Nail technicians that hand file are more likely to develop carpel tunnel syndrome, arthritis and other nerve, tendon or joint related conditions as a result of wear and tear on the body.
Will an electric file harm the nail?
There are a lot of common misconceptions that e-files cause damage to the nail, you can do just as much damage using a standard hand file as using an e-file, if untrained.
What if my client is nervous about me using an e-file?
For a customer used to having their nails filed by hand, they may be a bit unsure about you using an e-file. If it’s a regular client, have a conversation about trust: they trust you to take good care of them and their nails and reassure them
Who is this course suited for?
This course is great for anyone wanting to compliment their nail services.
Who will be teaching me?
The course is delivered by one of our amazing, talented and experienced commercial tutors. All of our tutors have a minimum of Level 3 teaching qualification and have widespread industry experience.
How long will it take to complete this course?
The E-File course will be completed in one day between 10am-2pm (times may vary). You will learn the theory of the treatment as well as carry out practical assessments on live models.
Will I need to bring a model?
A practical assessment is carried out using a model allowing you the maximum time during the training to work upon acquiring and demonstrating the required technique. We recommend bringing your own model or if you can’t; let the Academy know at least 48 hours before your course and the Academy can support with finding you a model for a £10 admin fee (please see terms and conditions).
What starter kit is required?
We do not include any kits with our training course offers, however we will provide any equipment required to complete the practical training on the day. We like to encourage you to find brands, products and tools that suit you. Your tutor will be able to support you with products and tools advice on the day, and you can also refer to your course manual for this information.
What will I receive following completion of this course?
Upon completion of the E-File course you will receive an accredited qualification and with this you will also be able to obtain insurance. We recommend you check that your insurance company insures the treatment and whether that will incur any additional costs to you before purchasing this course.
Do I need insurance to do the course?
You are covered under our insurance policy on the day of your training, however as soon as you are off site you will be required to have your own insurance. If you are a new student you can obtain a student only policy (usually around £20 a year) until you are charging for treatments. If you already have insurance please ensure you contact your insurance company to add your new service to your policy. Insurance is YOUR responsibility.


£85.00£125.00 ex VAT


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