Types of Careers in Beauty with Bella Marie Training Academy

Here at Bella Marie Training Academy, we are proud to serve students in the UK with courses suited to all abilities. From short courses you can complete online to more in-depth, VTCT courses, we have everything covered to help propel yourself into a beauty career.

Whether it’s starting your own business, brushing up on knowledge you already have, or looking to gain qualifications for employment with another company, we provide students with courses suitable to cover every element of hair and beauty.

All in all, we can help you on your path to your dream career today.

VTCT Courses

VTCT courses can lead to a wealth of different employment paths for our students. 

They are an internationally recognised certificates among professional trade bodies and allow students to become teachers, assessors, and qualified professionals within the beauty industry.

With a mix of both online and in-person learning, independent study, remote tutoring, and traditional classroom learning, a VTCT provides a blended learning approach for students. This gives you the best chance of learning and provides you with the tools you need to become fully qualified.

Assessments are a combination of practical work and multiple choice exams, with portfolio work also required. From Level 2 Awards in facial massage and skincare to Level 4 Awards in the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice, we have everything you need to become fully qualified as a beauty specialist.

Take a look at all of the VTCT courses we have available and book yours today. 

Careers in Beauty with Bella Marie

So, what kinds of careers can you achieve with our courses? 

If you choose one of our VTCT courses, there are multiple options available to you to pursuit as a career, starting with the Level 2 Diploma in Beauty Therapy Studies.

This allows you to become proficient in manicure, pedicure, luxury facials, brows, lashes, ear piercing, hot and warm waxing, spray tanning, and of course, health and safety. 

Any of these are basis for brilliant careers to pursuit and you can get onto the employment ladder as a manicurist or brow specialist with this course. You can also progress onto Level 3 Nail Technology courses, Level 3 Beauty Massage to become a masseuse, or Level 4 Salon Management to become your own boss and open up your own salon with your own clients.

Teaching and Assessing

Perhaps teaching is more up your alley? If so, then the VTCT Level 3 Award in Education and Training could be for you. 

This sets you up for a teaching career and will help you gain employment in further education within the beauty industry. It’s a substantial vocational qualification and helps you understand roles, responsibilities and relationships in education and training, as well as different learning approaches used in the classroom. You’ll also learn about assessments in training and education.

Vocational assessor is another occupation you could pursuit with the VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement with Bella Marie Training Academy. 

With this one, we give you a leg-up in the industry by supporting you with assessing opportunities, so you don’t have to find your own placement. This particular qualification also gives you an understanding of the practices and principles of assessment, competence in the work environment and gives you the skills to assess vocational skills, understanding, and knowledge. All of this can lead to roles as vocational assessors as careers for successful pupils.

Beauty and Skin Therapy Opportunities 

If you’d like to become a beauty and skin therapist, look no further than the VTCT Level 2 Award in Facial Massage and Skincare vocational qualification provided by Bella Marie. 

It’s recognised both nationally and internationally so will put you in prime position to land your dream job as a beauty and skin therapy specialist anywhere in England or anywhere else in the world. The fact that it is an international qualification gives you the opportunity to gain employment in salons and department stores as well as on cruises or from your own mobile workspace.

There are lots of careers available for those who study with Bella Marie Training Academy, so take a look at the VTCT courses we provide today.

Level 3 Courses

With our Level 3 courses, you can gain access to employment in all sorts of trades, including but not limited to:


– Massage and Massaging

– Beauty Therapy

– Makeup Artistry

– Nail Artist

– Women’s Hairdressing

– Hair Salons or General Salon Management

Take a look at the Level 3 Courses we provide for more information on the entry requirements and careers available.

Quick Start, Short Courses

We also provide a wide range of short courses within therapy, for budding beauty therapists all the way up to experienced specialists.

We provide all brow works, including but not limited to brow lamination, “perfect brows”, as well as male grooming in the brow department. 

Nail training courses are also available on our short courses, with everything covered from manicures to nail extensions and nail art, not to mention gel polish short courses and “express nails”.

Bella Marie Training Academy also have a variety of waxing courses available online and in our shop, whether it’s for male or female, intimate or not so intimate. 

We also carry out lash work courses, covering Russian lashes and ways of getting the perfect lash. 

We provide therapies and spray tanning services which use the newest and most up to date technologies such as meso therapies and e-file courses for anyone looking at a career in the tanning or therapies industries, and skin care is also covered in our short course portfolio, with microdermabrasion courses available online and in person. 

Take a look at the short courses we provide at this link and get your foot on the ladder of your perfect profession today.

Get in Touch with Bella Marie Today

As you can see, our Beauty Academy offers a huge range of hair and beauty training courses, with something to suit everybody. 

Our Beauty Academy students have nothing but kind words to say about the level of service and knowledge we provide within our training courses, learning all they need to know to get them started with their chosen hair and beauty career. 

Whether it’s a short course or more long term, higher level course, or anything in between, our qualified teachers and professional specialists have years of experience within the beauty trade. You can therefore rest assured that we can be trusted to give you the highest level of hair and beauty education possible.

Give our specialist, professional staff a call today to find out more on 0191 447 3050, click any of the above website links or drop us an email at contact@bellamarietrainingacademy.com

Franchise Opportunity

Have you ever wanted your own TRAINING ACADEMY but not sure where to start?

Perhaps you’ve been in the industry a long time and want to expand your skills and knowledge?

Why not become a Bella Marie Training Academy franchisee? We’re a award winning North East multi beauty training academy.  Bella Marie Training Academy opened its doors in 2017 and since then has grown to THREE extremely busy sites where students train with experienced tutors and also has an in demand, popular beauty salon.

We have set up our own FRANCHISE MODEL which allows you all the tools, resources and mentoring to get started.

If you are interested head over to: https://bellamarietrainingacademy.com/franchise-opportunities/

Say hello to FOUR new online courses!

Express nails, gel polish, perfect lashes and male grooming are now LIVE and can be competed from the comfort of your own home.

Express Nails are a full nail tip applied with acrylic so instead of glue, acrylic is used to adhere the nail to the nail bed, perfect for those who wish to provide a range of nail services.

Gel polish is applied to the nail in thin layers and results in a transparent, glossy finish, they require UV light in order to cure a hard, shiny finish and are applied differently than liquid & powder (acrylic) systems, although gel is itself a form of acrylic.

Our Perfect Lashes course covers three individual lash treatments; lash tinting and the application of both party (cluster) lashes and strip lashes, perfect for those who wish to enhance their beauty career and be able to provide a variety of services.

Male Grooming covers brows, nose and ear waxing. Waxing is the quickest and easiest hair removal method for most men as it ensures a smoother, cleaner finish with less irritation than shaving.

All courses include a full presentation, treatment manual, a step by step guide and treatment training videos. Students are provided with a learning platform and log in details. That’s EIGHT online beauty courses to access to expand you services.

Meet Karen

We LOVE a student case study, and this one is just amazing!!

Meet Karen…. Karen joined our Level 3 Makeup course earlier this year, having had no previous makeup experience. Karen is a trained hairdresser and barber.Karen’s cousin put her in touch with a makeup artist who was working on the set of a TV show, who then went on to hire Karen as his MAKEUP ASSISTANT.

Karen has been spending time travelling to London to work on the set, not only as a makeup assistant but also helping with ordering makeup stock, and other personal assistant duties.

Karen’s goal now upon completion of the course is to continue to grow her self employed business but to also work on set when the opportunities are there. Huge well done to Karen!

North East Prestige Award

We are super proud that we have won the award for Training Academy of the Year with the North England Prestige Awards. We received amazing feedback especially in relation to our personal natures, consistency of reviews and overall attentiveness. We couldn’t do this without our amazing students and our incredible staff, so thank you so much. ❣️🏆

Weekly catch up!

Wow, what a crazy busy week we had last week with new VTCT course enquiries! I wonder if this is because of what’s happening right now so people are looking for a career change, or whether people are just dying to do a new hobby after being stuck home for so long! But either way we are really excited to meet lots of new students this summer. We have had 109 new students register over the last week!

The most popular courses so far seem to be the VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Makeup Artistry and the VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Nail Technology. And what’s great about these two qualifications is that once you are qualified there is such a demand for makeup and nails. And what’s even better you can be qualified by Christmas for these two courses too! Get ready for the Christmas rush!

As if we are thinking about Christmas already, but actually it’s only six months away, crazy!

Check out some of our courses below…

We hope you’re staying safe and we hope to see lots of you soon! x

We can’t wait to see you again!

We have spent the last week preparing our Seaham and Sunderland academy to make sure social distancing can be adhered to and making sure it is safe for our lovely students to return. We have sanitising stations and masks available, as well as disposable cups. We also have signs up around our academy to help you stay safe with us.

We will be open fully from July and running both our VTCT Level 3 and short courses, which we are very excited about!

The secret is already out that we are running a VTCT Level 3 beauty course in July now as well as September (spaces still available on both). We have an exciting new course starting in July, which is a VTCT Level 4 diploma in salon management. This is a fabulous vocational qualification that will help you develop ways to gain employment as a salon manager and you could be able to run your own hairdressing or beauty salon! As well as this VTCT course, we also now have a level 3 certificate in assessing vocational achievement AND a level 4 award in the internal quality assurance of assessment processes and practice. Head over to our VTCT Qualification section to take a look! https://bellamarietrainingacademy.com/vtct-qualifications/

But don’t worry! Although we will be up and running again from July we will still have our online courses and distance learning courses available. We have exciting new online courses coming next month as well so watch this space!


We have new VTCT Level 3 courses starting from September 2020! These include beauty therapy, nail technology, make up, hairdressing and barbering! These courses are perfect to help pursue your dream job and once completed your VTCT qualification will not only be recognised nationally but also internationally and will enable you to work in salons, department stores, cruise ships, training establishments and mobile!

Our VTCT level 3 courses are funded by an advanced learner loan so there will be no up front costs! You will only pay the loan back if and when you earn over £27,000 a year. If you earn over this amount, you will only pay around £15 a month. If you do not earn over this amount you do not pay the loan back. This is perfect for anyone starting out on their new career and helps ease those worries about costs!

Another worry we want to help ease is the coronavirus. We are working hard behind the scenes before opening to ensure the safety of our staff and students regarding coronavirus, so things will be a little different when starting your VTCT level 3 course with us. Anyone entering the academy will be asked to sanitise their hands and also be required to wear a mask. We have PPE for students to wear on their courses and work stations will be required to be cleaned down after use as well. We have markers in place to ensure social distancing and have reduced numbers for our courses. There will also be signs around the academy to help advise the precautions we have in place.

If anyone is wanting any information regarding a place for our VTCT level 3 courses or have any questions or worries about coronavirus please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to help!

Online Training Courses

We have a range of courses that are now LIVE and can be completed online. All courses include a full presentation, treatment manual, a step by step guide and treatment training videos. Students are provided with a learning platform and log in details to enjoy their learning from the comfort of their own home in their own time. Courses include Perfect Brows and Henna Brows with more to follow!

Distance Learning

We are very excited to share that we now offer a range of free distance learning courses which are eligible to anyone over the age of 19. These courses include Business Administration Principles, Counselling Skills, Nutrition & Health and lots more!

Distance Learning courses mean there are no timetable classes to attend, you can choose when are where you study and learn at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. All Level 2 distance learning courses are free, regardless of your circumstances.

Check out all our distance learning courses that are available – there is something for everyone!

Bella Marie Training Academy have a highly skilled team of tutors on hand to support you, you'll get immediate access to their experience, skills and industry knowledge once you enrol on any of our courses.
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